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7 Items Home Inspectors Should Always Check

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So you’ve finally found a home that meets your standards after weeks to months of exploring Coconut Grove, Florida real estate. Before you make an offer, make sure that the property is in sound condition by having a home inspection.  

  1. Foundation and exterior structure

    The foundation is vital to supporting the entire structure of the home, including its frame, drywall, and roof. During a home inspection, the inspector will walk the perimeter of the property, keeping an eye out for sloping, cracks, and settlement issues. 

    If the property has a crawl space, the inspector will check for warping, mold, and moisture that can potentially weaken the wood supports. Water penetration will be one of their main concerns as it can cause decay and rot as well as give way to gray mold and a termite infestation in the foundation settlement. If the foundation has a history of repairs, they will evaluate the quality of the workmanship.

    They should also check the roof, which offers protection from wind, rain, and outdoor temperatures. The inspector will also assess the age, quality, and performance of the roof. A good-performing roof will keep the home properly insulated while at the same time allow for sufficient ventilation and superior interior air quality. 

    Other house components that should be checked include the exterior walls, siding, brick details, wall paint, gutters show, and other existing structures such as the deck,  garage, fence, driveway, and main gate.

  2. Basement

    The inspector will check for any evidence of excess moisture, poor ventilation, and water damage. They will see whether or not the sump pump works properly. Any leaks, cracks, and mold should be noted in the inspection report.

  3. Attic

    When checking the attic, the inspector will keep an eye out for any staining from the roof as well as signs of damage or decay. Ideally, the attic should have adequate insulation and ventilation. Electrical splices should also be contained within a covered electric box. 

  4. Safety features

    The inspector’s checklist should also include basic safety features like smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, and ground fault interrupters. They should determine whether or not these safety features have been correctly installed and that they are working properly.

  5. If there are any glass features near the stairs, tub, and showers, these should ideally be made of tempered safety glass while the stairs should have handrails, guardrails, and uniform steps at a correct height and angle.

  6. Heating and cooling systems

    The inspector will check that the heating and cooling (HVAC) system is working properly. They will note whether the HVAC system warms or cools the home evenly and that there’s adequate airflow in each room. A new HVAC model that runs efficiently will help keep your utility bills low.

  7. Plumbing and drainage 

    The inspection will cover any home component affected by water flow, including faucets, drains, showers, toilets, bidets, piping, and bathtubs. If there is a history of repairs, upgrades, or DIY work, the inspector will take note of the workmanship. They will also check for signs of leaking, corrosion, cracked or burst pipes, contamination, cross-connection, and stains or moisture in the walls, floors, and ceilings.

  8. Electrical systems

    The home inspector will check for any electrical issues that pose a serious risk for house fires and accidents. They will examine the electrical panel, wiring, grounding, and amperage ratings. They will also take note of corroded wires.

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